The Van Buren Conservation District is planning the second annual Healthy Home Fair in Hartford for next month. The district’s Erin Fuller tells us last year’s event went well and they’re hoping to do even better this year. The fair will be held at Ely Park On September 12 from 3 to 6 p.m.

“Sort of our idea for the fair is to host an event where we help people understand that some of the things that they do around their homes and yards can have an effect on the environment, and what they can do to try to keep their homes clean and healthy and safe for the environment,” Fuller said.

Fuller says there will be fun activities like face painting and music, but then there’s the educational element. They’ll teach people about the importance of maintaining their septic systems and also talk about yard runoff. Fuller says there will be giveaways of septic system cleanings and rain barrels, and they will also test water samples for nitrates. You can find out more at the Van Buren Conservation District’s website.