A new campaign to educate the public about marijuana has been launched by the Berrien County Health Department. Spokesperson Gillian Conrad tells WSJM News The Dirt on Weed features a new website, billboards, radio ads, social media activity, and presentations regarding how marijuana affects different groups. She says the campaign is possible thanks to a $45,000 state grant that became available when marijuana was legalized for adults in Michigan.

“We heard through a lot of our stakeholder conversations, some focus groups that people just had a lot of commonly-held myths in their minds, some misconceptions,” Conrad said. “They just didn’t have great fact-based information.”

Conrad says they’re aiming the Dirt on Weed at parents, pregnant women, and young people. She says those groups need the solid facts.

“What’s at risk, who may be at risk, and how adult users who are now able to use legally are doing so in the safest way possible.”

Conrad says the campaign seeks not to be preachy, but to present dry, scientific information. You can find its website at TheDirtOnWeed.com.

Pictured: A billboard for the Dirt on Weed campaign at M-139 and Nickerson in Benton Township.