Michigan House Republicans are pleased to see progress on the state budget, months after Governor Gretchen Whitmer line item vetoed nearly $1 billion in funding approved by the Legislature in its initial budget. State Representative Jack O’Malley says action came Wednesday to restore many programs important to rural areas.

“The secondary road patrols, I know in my district that is a big deal,” O’Malley said. “My sheriffs are happy. Rural health, especially, with money being restored for the OB departments and things. That’s all good news. So it’s kind of like a Christmas present, and that’s a good thing.”

The House’s passage of a supplemental budget restores much of that funding rejected by the governor as she tried to negotiate with Republican lawmakers for road repair money. The votes this week are a sign Michigan’s budget impasse may soon end. Negotiations continue on curbing the powers of the State Administrative Board. Both sides are optimistic a final deal could be reached next week.