South Haven City Manager Brian Dissette says he’s leaving the community in good hands as he prepares to move into the role of Berrien County Administrator. He tells WSJM News the city council on Monday named his interim replacement.

“The city council offered a motion to authorize me to negotiate an interim city manager agreement between the city and Kate Hozier,” Dissette said. “Kate’s our longtime assistant city manager, and I expressed complete confidence in her to the city council, and council returned that favor by a 7-0 vote authorizing me to get her into the interim role.”

Hozier is the assistant city manager who also oversees Brownfield, the harbor, marinas, and zoning. Dissette says the council was smart to name her to the interim manager job. He’s scheduled to start in Berrien County by July 1. Dissette told the Berrien County Board of Commissioners he’s confident he leaves South Haven with a capable leadership team.