The owner of Rocket Arcade in South Haven was in Lansing on Tuesday to stage a protest over the governor’s refusal to let businesses like his reopen. Ralph Lucius set up a pinball machine at the steps of the Michigan Capitol and questioned why other businesses were allowed to reopen for the summer, but others, like arcades, were forced to stay closed. State Representative Beth Griffin supports his cause.

“He is a small business owner that has been faithfully waiting and trying to be respectful of the process,” Griffin said. “It’s been six months. He has a plan to  keep everyone safe and to disinfect, but the industry is being completely overlooked, and because the governor has a state of emergency, only she can fix that.”

Lucius says via Rocket Arcade’s Facebook page he’s gone into debt, the bank has cut off his line of credit, and all of his reserves have been spent. He says he’s been offered nothing by the governor other than false hopes.