We’ve seen it at the grocery stores and gas stations. A new report out Wednesday says prices paid by U.S. consumers jumped 7% last month from a year earlier. Michigan News Network Business Editor Murray Feldman has been looking over the report and says price increases have been seen in almost everything.

“Increases took place in the cost of shelter, we’re talking about housing and including rent,” Feldman said. “Also for used cars and trucks, they saw the biggest gains. However, it’s very interesting the cost of food did go up, but less than in recent months, and the cost of energy declined in December, ending a long series of monthly increases.”

Feldman says increases also came in shelter and the biggest gains were wish cars. A small drop in energy prices last month was due to the fact energy costs had been going drastically up previously. Feldman says compared to the average wage gain of 4.7%, the 7% inflation wiped out progress that many would have made.