St. Joseph City Commissioners have approved the grant application for some improvements at Dickinson Park. Public Works Director Greg Grothous told them at a meeting this past week the plan is to apply for a $260,000 grant from the Michigan Land and Water Conservation Funds to add restrooms, a parking lot, and some new sidewalks. Grothous told us the restrooms are the biggest component.

“The park gets a lot of use because it is the home baseball and softball field for St. Joseph High School,” Grothous said. “That quadrant of town does now currently have a public playground, nor does it have a public restroom facility. The closest restroom would be the Howard Ice Arena. So, there’s some need when you look at where things are set up within the community. It checks a couple boxes.”

Grothous says this work will be park of a larger improvement project at Dickinson Park that will include work to the baseball field, seating, and a concessions area. The city’s contribution for the restrooms will be $260,000. With the state match, the total project cost would be about $520,000. If the grant is approved, work on the restrooms could start next year, while other improvements to the park are expected to take place this year.