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Hey, I’m Zack East. I grew up here in Southwest Michigan and I am glad I’ve spent my entire career back here after college as there’s no better place to live! In the early 80s, I fell in love with the greatest radio stations in the country booming out of Chicago, thus beginning my love of radio and rock music. I started my radio career at our sister station, WIRX. I love cars, Irish Football and Hockey, all kinds of music, and carbs (codename French Fries). I’ve been working here at Mid-West Family for over 20 years, and I am excited to be with you now on The Lake each morning!

I don’t plan on disrupting your morning with a bunch of annoying, constant chatter, phone topics, newscasts, or discussions about what I had for dinner last night. Just some great Quality Rock, a bit about the songs and the artists, what’s going on locally, and more.

Make sure you check out our Deep Dive each weekday morning at 8:20am, and the past podcasts by clicking here!

Talk to you soon!

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